This is another design of walking in Morocco. A sport that is played outdoors and is an accelerated with Nordic walking sticks to propel the body. This activity is extremely popular in the Scandinavian countries; it is practiced in both summer and winter. This is a drift of skiing and race walking.

Nordic walking in Morocco
Nordic Walking seeks as running more than 2/ 3 of the body muscles.
nordic walking in Atlas of MoroccoEffective way to be activenordic walking holidays in Morocco

It will be your active holiday is your health and recreation
Nordic Walking Holidays in Morocco helps you experience the best that the High Atlas has to offer, with an endless variety of trails for all levels of walkers.

Nordic walking is increasingly recommended by doctors. Why?
- Being a soft sport, suitable for all , from 7 to 77 years to same convalescent
- It strengthens the respiratory and cardiac functions
- It relieves knees and back .
- He is working 80 % of body muscles
- We spend 2 times more calories than normal walking.
- So we lose weight more easily

- Due to the better oxygenation, the brain is irrigated healthier increasing your brain power.

nordic morocco                       walking nordic in morocco

There are Different areas to practice this sport in the south of Morocco. The ideal trails open area while enjoying various landscapes.

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